anyone can draw, and everyone has the right to.

Do you ever feel like creating but never act on it? Would you like to draw, but think that you can't?

I've spoken to so many people who never act on their impulse to create. Some have been told at a young age that they were "not good at art". Some suffer from perfectionism and fear of failure, others get frustrated and just give up. We tell ourselves all kinds of excuses. Not enough time, not enough space, not enough money for the right materials...

In my experience, anything that's worth while is also hard, and brings up resistance. I also know though, how much it pays off to follow through. The feeling I get when I'm in the flow of really seeing and drawing, is amazing. Creating daily makes me happier, healthier and enriches my life.

So now, I'm on a mission to make it easier for people to overcome their obstacles, and (re-)discover the joy of drawing. Creating is such an important part of what it means to be human – none of us should miss out!


If you have the desire to draw, I think it’s vital that you do. First step: bust through the fear. Download my FREE guide, 10 Tips for Getting Over Your Fear of Drawing.

Portrait artist Annemarie Schumacher


I'm an illustrator and art teacher from Amsterdam, living in Berlin. I help people overcome their creative obstacles, so they can start drawing + get better at it! 


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